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Full Version: Icloud Bypass Device Resetting?
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I tried this icloud bypass so far on an ipod touch 6th gen and Ipad mini 2nd gen both of which are on 12.4.5 and it seems that if the device has been asleep for an hour or so it will glitch reset itself once you attempt to awake it...anyone here experiencing this or know why. I understand if I were to restart the device or if the battery died I would have to redo a portion of the bypass but I have found nothing online about the device resetting itself after x amount of time in sleep mode?
There is a thread in this forum that mentions removing setup.app which I tried and it worked just fine on the iPod but did not work for the iPad at all (I had to restore).

Concerning my original issue, at first I thought it might be related to the checkra1n jailbreak, but regardless if the device is jail broken or not it still restarts itself after an hour or more in sleep mode. Huh Huh

P.S. The iPod hasn't once restarted since removing setup.app and the only glitch I see is a temporary inaccurate battery level when i restart that.  Big Grin