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Full Version: New iOS CFW Restore Tool (For Jailbreak / iCloud Bypass / Downgrade) RELEASED for 32-Bit
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In today's video, we're discussing the release of ch3rryflower, a tool that allows one to perform #CFW (Custom Firmware) restores on iOS, downgrades (both Tethered and Untethered) and Jailbreak on 32-Bit devices and the tool is compatible with #CheckM8 exploit released by axi0mX, so it supports a lot of cool features like verbose boot, custom boot logo, and so on.

Currently, the tool only supports 32-Bit devices (iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C) and their variants. For these devices, you can now build a CFW and you'd be able to restore it using the tool. The tool is compatible with Ubuntu Linux and with macOS starting from macOS 10.13, so it should be easily accessible even if you don't have a newer Mac or PC. The ch3rryflower tool contains a lot of important exploits for various devices and various purposes, but the GitHub page (yes, it's open-source) explains very well what each does.

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and so how create cfw ios 10.3.3 on 5s with MacOS system?