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Full Version: Says not in DFU mode but I am?
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i downloaded img4tool from https://github.com/tihmstar/img4tool.git but once i downloaded it, the img4tool is a folder and not a unix file? can anyone help me? im watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rA5pogxROks&t=29sand he has his img4tool as a unix file and not a folder. i downloaded a separate img4tool that was compiled and it seems to be a unix file.. i followed the instructions on the video using chmod 775 and dragging and dropping the img4 and the img4tool. and after that, i changed the directory and did cd and dragged the pwndfu-master folder into the terminal. once i dragged it in the terminal i did ./ipwndfu -p to run it right? so after i run it i usually get an error. its supposed to say, "device is already in pwned DFU Mode" but mine says it's not in the DFU mode when i got it in the dfu mode... the video also says that if the itunes recovery mode thing pops up, you're in recovery mode and your screen would be black. So I am certain that i'm in the DFU mode but it tells me that i'm not in the DFU mode, please help!
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when you clone or download a GIT repository, you usually need to compile it first. what you have is likely the source code for the program/library. 

you should take a look at any documentation that is available on the GIT repository to find out what you need and how to compile it.

"TAKEN FROM tihmstar's README.MD ON img4tool's REPO"
  README.mdimg4toolA tool for manipulating IMG4, IM4M and IM4P files
BUILDBe sure to checkout the require submodule after cloning.
git submodule init
git submodule updateTo compile run:
sudo make install

autogen needs automake and autoconf so you should install those as well

i suggest using brew.sh as a package manager to install these.

Simply open a Terminal in OSX and paste in this command

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebr...er/install)"

then you can use brew to retrieve the packages. For example, to get autoconf you would do:

brew install autoconf

when you have all the necessary dependencies, this project comes with an autogen.sh script to generate the configuration so you would do ./autogen.sh and if that doesn't work, sometimes superuser permissions are needed, so you could try: sudo ./autogen.sh

if this is hard to understand, it's ok, but you need to understand the role and importance of having the right dependencies and also the right version of them. or else you will not be able to build the project into an executable.