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Full Version: iOS 16.0 - 16.5 JAILBREAK News: Cowabunga Lite For Windows Coming Soon! TWEAKS & Themes, All Devices
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Cowabunga Lite is officially coming to Windows. As you probably know, Cowabunga allows you to tweak and theme your iOS device from iOS 14.0 up to iOS 16.1.2. Amongst the tweaks, you can customize the status bar, home screen, app icons, sounds, fonts, and so on. Initially, Cowabunga was based on MacDirtyCow, but the developer figured out a way to port it to iOS 16.2 and newer on all devices.

While not all Cowabunga tweaks could be ported to the Lite version, some of them could and the theming platform still works up to iOS 16.5 on all devices including iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and so on.

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