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Full Version: How To Save iOS 12.4 and 12.4.1 SHSH2 Blobs for iOS Downgrades & JAILBREAK
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As you are probably aware, we are currently reliving a past trend in the iOS jailbreak community where we have a jailbreak for a signed iOS version. This hasn't happened since many years ago and it's long been a trend to have jailbreaks for long unsigned firmware, and it would have stayed this way had Apple not failed to patch Ned Williamson's kernel exploit in iOS 12.4 needing iOS 12.4.1 release to fix it properly, which resulted in Unc0ver Jailbreak for 12.4 being released. However, even with iOS 12.4.1 available, iOS 12.4 is still signed and one can still currently downgrade freely to that version, but not for long.

Apple will certainly stop signing iOS 12.4 at any moment as it is highly vulnerable, so if you are planning to be able to downgrade in int he future in order to jailbreak with Unc0ver should anything happen with your current jailbreak and you need a restore, you better save your SHSH2 blobs right about now. Once Apple closes the signing window for iOS 12.4, nobody can ever save those blobs again. You cannot use mine or your friend's because the saved SHSH2 blobs are personalized per device per serial number, so even if you have the same model, it would not work. You need to save your own.

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