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Full Version: Important iOS Security Risk (NSO Pegasus) Patched In iOS 14.8 | Should You Update To 14.8 Now?
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In today's video, we're discussing the release of iOS 14.8, and the very major security risk it patches. iOS 14.7.1 is vulnerable, and every other version lower than iOS 14.8 is considered unsafe when it comes to the NSO Pegasus spyware that has been reported to Apple by CitizenLab. It's advised that you update to iOS 14.8 as soon as possible if you do not care about jailbreaking your device.

While the Pegasus NSO targets usually high-profile individuals, rather than the average Joe, if you do not care about jailbreaking your device it's highly recommended that you update to the latest software version (14.8) to mitigate the risks. Apple has pushed 14.8 with only two vulnerabilities patched. More details in the video.

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~ GeoSn0w