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Full Version: iOS 14.7.1 / 14.6 / 14.4 Jailbreak News: New XNU Vulnerability To Be RELEASED + All We Know About It
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In today's video we've got pretty good news for the jailbreak community, especially for the folks waiting on iOS 14.7.1, iOS 14.6, and so on, on A14 devices and older. A brand new XNU vulnerability was announced that might be usable for jailbreak purposes. I've talked with the developer in private, and they've confirmed they will likely release the vulnerability and a PoC (proof of concept code) which might be useful for us.

According to the developer, this is a Type Confusion bug in XNU (iOS Kernel). The photo they posted was a crash log from iOS 14.7.1 on iPhone 12,1 confirming the vulnerability was only patched in iOS 15 Beta. This could be useful.

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~ GeoSn0w