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Full Version: Known iCloud Bypass Scammers
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Scammers taking your hard-earned money are everywhere. This holds true to the Jailbreak and iCloud Bypass community as well. There are multiple websites with huge ranks in search engines that claim to have iCloud Bypass services for the latest devices and the latest iOS 12.x version or even iOS 13. 99% of the time, these websites are either fake, or they rely on illegal activities like phishing in order to attempt the so-called "bypass", which can get you in trouble.

Please do keep in mind that this forum does NOT condone stealing. If you found an iDevice and it's locked, please either return it to the owner (if there's a message with a number on the screen), or to a police department or an Apple Store so that it can return to the rightful owner. We will NOT provide any help for unlocking devices marked as lost or stolen, these do not belong to you so we cannot help.

If you, however, have a legitimate reason (for example you bought it from eBay / Craigslist / etc and it's locked and the seller vanished) (basically you've been scammed), you may wanna avoid the "services" provided by anybody on the following list/website. We've collected these names over the years and we know from our users that these are all fake / scam methods that only want your money with nothing in return:

Don't forget that you can also use our F.C.E. 365 iCloud Bypass Website to report scammers or working services you've encountered.