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Full Version: iOS 14.6 / 14.5.1 / 14.5 JAILBREAK (A12+) NEWS: PwnMy / Manticore Update + I Joined The Team!
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In this video, I have some great news for people waiting for an iOS 14.5 to iOS 14.6 jailbreak, especially on A12+ devices. I will be joining the Manticore Jailbreak Team, the developers of the Manticore Jailbreak and Pwn-My Jailbreak, in an attempt to help develop these jailbreaks faster.

The Manticore Team develops PwnMy, a Safari-based jailbreak using the new LPE vulnerability by Saar Amar, and a few WebKit vulnerabilities. The Manticore Jailbreak and PwnMy Jailbreak are two different utilities developed at the same time.

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~ GeoSn0w

I have been staying on 14.4.2 because that was the suggestion of all of you now it seems a jailbreak will be out for 14.5 and above which is no longer being signed