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Full Version: Installer 4 (Cydia Alternative / iOS Package Manager) Source RELEASED! And Installer
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In this video, we're discussing AppTapp team's #Installer 4 source code release. For those of you who are unaware, the Installer 4 was a package manager similar to Cydia back on the early days of iOS, only that Installer predates Cydia by a good few months, as #Cydia was only released for iPhoneOS 2. This means that Installer was the very first package manager to allow early iOS adopters to install tweaks and other packages. Cydia was later released (on iPhoneOS 2.0) which made Installer 4 have a bit less popularity at launch when it was bundled with QuickPwn Jailbreak by the iPhone Dev Team before RedSn0w was a thing.

This is probably like a history lesson for the newcomers in the jailbreak community, but the #Jailbreak idea started right after Apple released the original iPhone in 2007. iPhoneOS 1.1.1 (back when iOS was still called iPhoneOS) has seen the very first Jailbreak based on the libTIFF exploit, and Installer was basically the package manager to kickstart the whole Jailbreak community.

The open-sourcing of this historic package manager is a good step towards ensuring the knowledge in the jailbreak community keeps being shared amongst the users and newcomers. Currently, AppTapp develops Installer 5 which is a far more advanced Cydia Alternative currently in Beta designed to work with iOS 9 all the way up to iOS 12.