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Full Version: iOS 14.7 / 14.7.1 JAILBREAK Tweak AppSync Unified UPDATE Released + Critical BUG (Odyssey / Taurine)
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In this video, we're discussing a critical bug that was discovered and fixed in Taurine Jailbreak, Odyssey Jailbreak, and Chimera Jailbreak. The bug affects Sileo and it is related to the CoreUtils package update. If the bug is triggered, you can lose all your repos which isn't very pleasant. In this video, we're also talking about an important update to Appsync Unified Tweak that now supports iOS 14.7 and iOS 14.7.1.

If you're using any of the Odyssey Team jailbreaks (Chimera, Odyssey, or Taurine), make sure to update your Sileo to v2.1.2 because it fixes a critical bug that can cause your sileo.sources to be deleted when you update CoreUtils. The update to Sileo that fixes this bug is now available.

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~ GeoSn0w