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Full Version: iOS 15 / 14.5 / 14.4 JAILBREAK: Is iOS 15 Good For Jailbreak? Best iOS Versions For A FAST Jailbreak
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In today's video, we're talking about iOS 15 / iOS 15 Beta as it pertains to the jailbreak community. We're going to discuss whether it is a good or a bad version for jailbreak purposes, and what you should do if you wanna jailbreak as soon as possible on newer devices.

Of course, we're also talking about the pitfall of updating to the iOS 15 Beta, as it traps the user to either iOS 15 Beta or to iOS 14.6, none of which are great for jailbreak purposes. In this video, we're also talking about a tweak you can use to get the iOS 15 notifications style on your jailbroken iOS 14 or iOS 13 device.

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~ GeoSn0w