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Full Version: iOS 14.5.1 / 14.5 / 14.4 JAILBREAK NEWS: Manticore Safari Jailbreak News + New Vuln Demo & More!
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In this video, we discuss the progress towards the PwnMy / Manticore Web Jailbreak, a Safari-based iOS 14.5 / 14.5.1 jailbreak that is currently in the works. We also discuss xerub's new vulnerability and what it can do. There's a lot of great progress going on in the jailbreak community, so let's dig in!

We're also answering a few big questions we keep getting from our viewers about the iOS 14.4, iOS 14.4.1, and iOS 14.4.2 Jailbreak and whether this Safari-based / Webkit jailbreak would work on those versions. I will also try to clarify what iOS version you should be on, and whether or not you should have updated to iOS 14.5.1.

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~ GeoSn0w