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*pin this* Is this a respring loop or a bootloop?/what is a respring
A respring is when all system daemons (processes) are reloaded (this is put simply and scenarios differ). Typically you will see a spinning gear or a custom respring logo for about 5-10 seconds but recently with the new fixed sbreload it can take less than 4 seconds.

If your respring goes on for more than 20 seconds you can escape this by doing a force restart (varies from idevice use a search engine) then use your jailbreaks disable tweaks function them uninstall whatever you think the blame is. If this doesn’t work download iCleaner Pro then disable all tweaks and enable them one by one. (sadly this is the most effective way of finding broken tweaks)

A bootloop is when your phone cannot boot into ios. This is uncommon but there is some rare occurences this can happen in. You will either see a bootlogo flashing on and on or just a continuous boot logo. This can sometimes be fixed by entering DFU mode then updating or by using FutureRestore with shsh2 blobs. (this is complicated and if you have never saved shsh2 blobs don’t bother)

*if you only see a black screen and your phone wont turn on plug your phone into a computer with itunes (or maybe libimobiledevice) and do a force reboot (this varies from device use a search engine)*

If you need further help create a thread here
(07-01-2019, 08:06 AM)Human Wrote: A respring is when all system daemons (processes) are reloaded

It's actually only the SpringBoard's daemon that is reloaded and not all of them.
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The list was too long for this lol
aren’t some system daemons also reloaded during an ldrestart though?

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