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iOS 15.5 beta 4 and Fugu
Well… who knows. I may have screwed myself for jailbreaking on 15.5 beta 4. I figured since Cheyote isn’t going to be for 15.2 for now anyway, I might as well go from 15.2 to 15.5 beta 4 and see if Fugu 15 will indeed cover it. Naturally, I saved my 15.2 blobs, but they were accidentally deleted when I had to do a reinstall of my Win 11 system. Oops. I was too eager, since Fugu 15 was bound to cover 15.2 anyway. At this point Its just my guess there might be a 50% - 50% chance that Fugu will really work on 15.5 beta 4. I hope. Opinions would be interesting to hear on this?

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