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VERY Important JAILBREAK Update Released: Prevent Bootloops & Losing Jailbreak With Startup Repair
In this video, we're discussing a very important update released to the Taurine Jailbreak a couple of days ago. The Odyssey Team has added a brand new feature that has the potential to prevent bootloops and thus save your jailbreak in case of file corruption or if a tweak goes wrong and sends you into a bootloop. This would also help you avoid having to update to the latest iOS version and losing your jailbreak.

The feature called "Startup Repair" by the Odyssey Team is now present in Taurine Jailbreak and it triggers in the case of bootloop. According to the update changelog, Startup Repair will fix any bootloop issues caused by a file being corrupted during userspace reboot.

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~ GeoSn0w


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