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Unc0ver vs Taurine vs checkm8
I’m mikfrith a phone technician (Jamaican)
I have been using Jailbreak’s for iOS from the og iphone days
But to date
These new Jailbreaks have been quite nice and hopefull
I currently have a iPhone X 14.3 taurine and iphone 8p 14.5 bata

For me taurine is on the same level of stability as checkm8
So far so good no random respiring

I have been using unc0ver for iOS 12
And unc0ver has always given me random respirings

The moment I found out a about taurine I switched
And it has been gold
Thanks to the taurine team
so far I gave away my iPhone X and bought a 12 pro max 15.0.1
I can sideload, only missing tweaks the good old days
jbs are not what they use to be, apple is stopping so mush
these days I have very high hopes for unc0ver, taurine and chechm8
I have tested all jbs so far i am in waiting for the day jbs will become a new
normal for all iPhones, this won't be stopped the level of customiztion
is only stopped by security reasons, why can't I use my device to the full
extent. why can't there be a option to do what you want to do like play retro
games, test out old software without big brother
sad times,

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