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Unc0ver JAILBREAK Signed Forever Was RELEASED (No More PC Re-Sign)
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In today's video, we have great news to discuss in the jailbreak community. Developer @ichitaso has released a tweak that allows Unc0ver Jailbreak users to permanently re-sign their Unc0ver IPA directly from the device. This will persist even after reboot and as such, you will never need to re-sign Unc0ver every 7 days, or ever.

Unc0ver jailbreak is a powerful tool that allows the user to customize their iOS device by installing themes, tweaks, and modifying the user interface of the device. Thanks to the CoreTrust bug by security researcher Linus Henze, it's now possible to permanently sign the Unc0ver app so that it doesn't expire anymore. No PC is needed.

IMPORTANT: This video is provided for informational, research, and news purposes.
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~ GeoSn0w


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