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NEW iOS 14.7.1 - 14.0 Cydia Alternative RELEASED! Saily (Beta) Demo & Review (It's Amazing!)
In today's video, we have a great new Cydia / Sileo alternative released as fully Open-Source in Beta by the Saily Team. Saily Package Manager is a modern-looking and feature-rich package manager for all jailbroken iOS devices including iOS 14.7.1 and lower (yes, it works on checkra1n too). You can install it and try it even if you use Cydia or Sileo / Zebra and you don't have to remove your current package manager.

Even though Saily is in Beta, it has a lot of features and it actually can install packages fast and easily. Most of the components are already done and while more work is required before a stable release is made, it's already pretty useful as it is. A nice feature it has is that it can automatically import all the repos from other package managers so that you don't have to manually import them.

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~ GeoSn0w


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