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Mid 2010 MacBook Pro issues.
My MacBook will not connect to Apple servers.

(Note: was recently restored and everything was removed or uninstalled and setup as new with a new Apple ID. Whatever a general system restore does I guess). I bought it used.

It won’t download anything from the App Store.

It always gets stuck on contacting iPhone update server” in iTunes.

I can’t download iOS updates in iTunes.

In the Mac App Store and in iTunes, the software download starts and always errors out almost half way through. “An error occurred——The network connection was lost. (-1005)”

I absolutely positively have determined 100% that this has nothing to do with me (my macbook) disconnecting from the internet on my end. Otherwise it would be an issue on my windows laptop too wouldn’t?

Actually this also happens in Safari with literally ANY type of file. I must use chrome (anything but safari really) to download ANYTHING. Which works. But that doesn’t fix my problem.

Meanwhile my windows laptop has no problem downloading ipsws in iTunes. No problems connecting to Apple servers. No problems restoring any of my devices (restoring any devices on my Mac is just not possible).

What I have tried:

Literally EVERYTHING an internet search can provide. Nothing helped. Nothing even showed that even addressed my issue. A dead end when possible reasons for being unable to contacting Apple servers didn’t add up.

Apples help page did not help. And I made sure I was looking at trouble shooting tips for High Sierra specifically. They listed some things to check, still nothing even added up to what my issue is. NOTHING. I couldn’t even follow any of the steps because NONE of them applied.

As far as I can tell I cannot find any known fix for my Mac being unable to connect to Apple servers. And this seems to be the main issue. Connecting to Apples servers.

Also, there is a new High Sierra update. 10.13.6. The AppStore won’t download it as per stated above....but system info says its installed (possibly has something to do with automatic updates being enabled?). The update still shows up in the AppStore and restart doesn’t fix that. Obviously cant download and install it. Weird.

I am really hoping someone can help me out here. I hate having to pull out the dusty windows laptop every time I have to do something that requires me to connect to Apple servers. And for someone like me this is an issue

Any suggestions? ?

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