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How to install the modern Zebra package manager
What is Zebra?

Zebra is a slick modern package manager that carries on the legacy of Cydia while having a nice UI featuring dark mode and being fast. It is currently in beta but in my case, it has been way more stable than Sileo and fast enough for it not to matter much. There are still some issues with dependencies so if a package does something weird or something breaks simply switch over to a different package manager and make an Issue on Github.

Does it work on my jailbreak?

Zebra works optimally on Chimera or Unc0ver because it uses the recently fixed SBreload (quick respring) and the quick uicache (refreshes Cydia apps like Filza on the Springboard) but also will work on iOS 9 and 10 fine.

What does it mean to be Open Source?

Zebra is a fully open-source meaning you can view its internals and contribute by changing code, reporting bugs, or requesting features.

Can I keep Cydia/Sileo alongside Zebra?

Zebra can be sideloaded with other package frontends like Cydia and Sileo and if you want to get rid of the other package managers you can by removing either Cydia installer or the Sileo package.*

* Please note deleting Sileo on chimera will cause chimera to delete all jailbreak files next time you reboot and re-jailbreak. This annoyed the hell out of me a while ago.

Where do I install?

1. Add the source https://xtm3x.github.io to your existing package manager (Cydia, Sileo) or click the link on https://getzbra.com and install the package Zebra (Beta).
2. Profit.

If you have any questions or issues direct them to the GitHub page for Zebra because I am not the developer.
Great post, thanks for it.
thanks, is there markup support?
Thank you for the post. Good info.

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